Mautic Installation - Environment Check

Major Problems that need to be fixed now

We have detected 2 major problems. You must fix them before continuing:

  • Install and enable the fileinfo extension.
  • Suhosin is not properly configured, add phar to suhosin.executor.include.whitelist in your PHP configuration.

We have detected some minor things that we recommend changing in order to have a better Mautic experience:

  • You have PHP version 5.4.45 installed which is no longer supported by the PHP project. We highly recommend upgrading your server to a newer PHP version. You can view which PHP versions are actively supported at
  • The intl extension is not performing as expected. This is a common issue on PHP 5.3 64-bit Windows builds. Please check that PHP's intl extension is installed and configured properly.
  • Install and enable the intl extension.
  • For optimal performance, it's suggested to install an accelerator (like APC).